sds energy

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  • web development

SDS Energy are a sustainable energy consultancy business based in Belfast, providing ESOS, SECR, PPN06 and a range of environmental services across the UK and Ireland. They needed a sustainably designed and hosted website that not only engages users, but also helps reduce the environmental impact of their business.

As more businesses and individuals rely on websites and online services, the energy consumption of web hosting has become a significant concern. Fortunately, the rise of sustainable web hosting has paved the way for a greener and more eco-friendly internet. Like many business SDS Energy wanted to increase impact they are making online while reducing emissions. We designed and developed a unique, crisp and elegant - high converting web presence.

We approached working with SDS Energy as we do with every project - with a deep commitment to sustainability. From the initial concept to the final product, we consider the environmental impact of every design decision we make. By integrating sustainable design principles into our process, we strive to minimize waste, reduce carbon emissions, and promote eco-friendly solutions. We believe that by embracing sustainability, we can create a better future for both our clients and the planet.